Wednesday, 2 May 2018


I trust in cradling clouds of cicely
Its silken spilling, mirroring the stars,
I trust the hawthorn creaming into frothy
Along the margin of the sacred wood

I rest in hush, heady with damp silence,
In caverns where the cliff is mossed with life,
I rest in light where sky is stained with rainbow,
I trust, I rest in joy.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Lamb in the seething heart
Of the nervy flock
Butted and nuzzled

Reddle-daub rainbows
On weather-damp wool
Circling soft

There the wall fallen
Opens on precipice
Bleats and barging

Lamb nudges hocks,
Tough mutton and tender
Hogget and mouflon

Upward she draws them
Stompers and sleepwalkers
Sheep of this pasture

Up the rock stairway
Of sunlight and silence
The lamb, she leads